Friday, October 3, 2008

Not all Republicans are bad...

Here is a conservative voice that sounds legit.

Even if I don't agree with his ultimate conclusion about Obama lacking on some needed characteristics to be president.

He isn't angry or racist about his argument-just the facts, you know? How refreshing! Drinks on me for Charles Krauthammer!

Really-Charlie, if you're ever in my hometown, look me up. I'd like to chat. Could be interesting.

Yes-Obama is a newbie when it comes to deciding your vote in the next 30 or so days that are left until election day, but let's peek through the lense of McCain's behavior the past few weeks;
His vilification of the Press for doing their job for the first time in 8 years.
His cloistering Palin from any media except for Katie Couric & Charlie Gibson(and boy did Couric drop the ball on that one. She thoroughly scored at embarrassing Palin, but didn't seal the deal with actually doing much reporting on the entire process. I would have loved to see that!).
And then this entire Economic Rescue Bill circus last week.
I think the answer is obvious.

Obama is channeling a bit of Reagan's play book-with a heavy sprinkling of Bill Clinton.

And when you think about it-wasn't life better for the average "Joe six pack" during the former's administration? (Do the Monica Lewinsky mind scrub, then ask yourself that question, okay? If only Bill hadn't gone there...)

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