Friday, October 3, 2008

Politics and Your Family in 2008=Dicey Times for Real Discourse

This week my in-law's found out I was a Democrat.
And a Liberal.
And that my husband still loves me anyway.
Cuz he's pretty much of the same frame of mind.

Sacre Blu!

Okay-so I think is hysterical, since I was WAY MORE liberal in my teens and twenties than I am now in my thirties...when my in-laws first got to know me.

Here's how it all came down-

This family member sent me an e-mail this week that pretty much can be considered a hate e-mail.

Now, this stunned & upset me for a few different reasons:

1. It was from his/her work address. And no, I'm not 'fessing up to who this individual is, that's not the ultimate point. I don't want him/her to lose his job, I love his/her kids and they need to be fed and clothed.

2. He/she is a devoted family person, volunteers in his/her community both civically and at church where he/she is the church treasurer.

3. He/she has known me since I was a teenager-and as I explained up top-I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS FOLKS! I mean, I voted for MARIO CUOMO as a write-in candidate in the primaries of 1991 before finally saying "ok" to Bill Clinton as the Democratic Presidential candidate. I've had the membership card since then. I re-up my annual dues like clock work.

Another family member found this news to be incredulous-calling up my husband asking why? How? When? Serious-this was a big thing for a few of them to digest. It was like I was coming out! I stand up for God Bless America during the 7th innning stretch at Yankee Stadium. When did I become a freedom hater?

But what irked me the most was the e-mail. And no one seemed to get it. The e-mail they got, the reason why it insulted me and should have insulted them-that they didn't get.

Perhaps you have seen it or read it or had it spammed to your account at some point since August of 2006. Why that date you ask?

Well the husband "googled" it, and we were immediately hit with at least 15 pages of links, blogs, articles, etc dating back to the following link-dated August of 2006:

What makes me really laugh about this link-all the advertisements for Muslim/Arab dating web pages . Now that's justice folks...go capitalism!

Okay-now that you've looked over the link-anyone want to disagree with me that this is a hateful post and sentiment and for all intents and purposes SLANDER & LIES?

Good, you all pass the decent human being test.

Extremist Muslims who steer explosive laden dingies into battleships, or fly airplanes into buildings are enemies of the Western Democratic way of life, not the Muslim who lives down the street from me who just celebrated the end of Ramadan this week-Eid al-Fitr. (Eid Mubarak y'all!)

And guess who else is not our enemy-the presidential candidate that I'm supporting. The one who has a funny sounding and looking name.

Because the e-mail subject header wasn't "Muslims are Evil and Suck and Want to Kill You and Burn that Apple Pie You're Baking for the 4th of July Picnic."

It was labeled- "Obama Sham."

OUCH-YUCK-And HEEBEY JEEBIES all over the place.

So I attempted to explain this to the family member who sent the link. In a few different e-mails. Over the course of 24 hours.

I got only one quick apology and a promise never to forward such an e-mail again. But I wanted a dialogue, and asked, why would you send this? Why would you think this?

I don't know-the person hasn't taken the invitation for discourse.

What would you do the next Christmas or Easter as you sat across from them at the dinner table, bowing your head for grace?

PS-wanna fact check chain e-mails and the like? Bookmark the following, gives an even steady look at both sides:

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