Monday, October 6, 2008

If only it was this simple with the Middle East-FOOD FIGHT!

Pulled from the nifty new Tina Brown media machine, The Daily Beast:

"Lebanon: Israel stole our falafel
Country's Industrialists Association says Jewish state trying to claim ownership of traditional Lebanese delicacies like tabouleh and hummus, plans international food-related suit."

Oh brother.
The only falafel news I can be sure of-
Best Falafel in New York-Rainbow Falafel-Union Square, NYC
Best Falafel in my neck of the woods-it's new place, we just tried a few weeks ago and it was yummy-The Falafel Hut in Upper Montclair, NJ. What a great name for a falafel place, right? No web site to link, they're still new folks!

Check out the rest of The Daily Beast here;

I honestly think it looks like New York Magazine Meets BuzzFeed-minus the lovely Fug Girls.....thoughts?

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