Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Book Swap!


If you can bear to part with books, here's an interesting online service I just happened upon.

Family owned and operated, Novel Action is a membership based online book exchange designed for book lovers. Our goal is to provide our members with an easy, inexpensive way to get used books, a great selection of books and incredible service.

For a flat rate of $25 a year plus shipping costs you can take part in the bonanza.

Here's the skinny.

You browse their online shop.

Pick out the books you are interested in getting your book hungry grubby little hands on.

Go over to your shelf and decide which child, err I mean book, you can part with.

Pick a book from your shelf for each book you chose at the exchange site.

Pack them up and ship them off to Novel Action. (they say about $4-$5 for four to six books)

Wait a few days for your newly acquired used books to arrive.

All in all, a good idea for the idea, you know that "re-use, reduce, recycle" theme we are supposed to be getting behind. But honestly I see book dealers using it more than the average joe reader.

My problem with this service-parting with the books that I already have! And then paying the $25 fee, and the shipping.

Make it free shipping, then I'll consider parting with some of my books.


If the time is right.

Oh brother-who I am I kidding? I'll stick with my library card for the time being!

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