Monday, September 29, 2008

It's Banned Book Week

What are you reading this week? I picked this up 2 weeks ago and still haven't finished it. But not because I don't like it or find it tedious-I just haven't had the time!

Yeah-it's sci-fi. But hear me out. It's one of those sci-fi books that you can relate to as not too far out there.

I breezed through the author's introduction on the stationary bike at the gym ( I'm reading an edition printed in 1997 with an author's note from 1991)-and found it EXTREMELY timely. Allot of references to war, and Vietnam and the first Gulf War.

As I'm reading-I'm thinking of our current pickle in the Middle East-and of a friend who was deployed just last month for his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq.

So, perhaps sci-fi is not your cup of tea?

Here are some suggestions from and the American Library Association for reading.
Now get out there and start reading in public-support Banned Book Week!

75 Books Every Woman Should Read
Banned Book Week runs September 27th to October 4th

Happy Reading!


Karen said...

Did you know "Where's Waldo?" is on the banned book list??? WTF?!

JR ZEE GURL said...

Holy MO MO Batman!